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I would highly recommend Kevin to do your home inspection

Dominic P.

I am a Realtor. When working with my clients, whether helping them buy or sell a home, having a home inspection is a very important step in the transaction process. Many of my clients have chosen to work with Woodard Inspections and have not been disappointed. Kevin is very knowledgeable, professional, detailed & thorough. My clients and I have been very happy with the level of quality service he provides

Sabrina A.

Very thorough and extremely knowledgable!

Josh M.

I called Woodard Inspections to inspect a new build property prior to closing to ensure all was in line. You normally don't think about getting or even needing a home inspection on a new home. However, I must insist that you always get a home inspection even if the home is new. Lumber Fungus was found in the attic and this is not something I would've ever found. Additionally, there were foundational cracks and the HVAC exterior unit was not level. I would definitely recommend Woodard Inspections for your Home Inspection Needs.

Kimberly W.

Kevin was very thorough and professional he has a lot of knowledge and advice as he's going through on how to fix problems with your property, he's been on the handyman side of this industry too, so he knows good old fashion horse sense. Thanks Kevin

Valden E.

Very knowledgeable, experienced, and thorough- not a single detail missed.

Tanner S.

My husband attended the inspection and was thoroughly impressed with the knowledge and professionalism of Kevin. The price was very competitive and we would refer anyone to them.

Mackenzie W.

Love these guys! Kevin has done a great job for me and my clients! Very detailed and helpful in communication all through the process!

Quentin S.

Kevin was patient, thorough, and professional. I was impressed how quickly we got in his calendar and the quick turnaround on the report. The report is detailed and full of pictures of the areas in need of repairs. I'd use this company on my next home purchase.

Colleen R.

I can't say enough about Kevin's thorough services! He ended up saving us so much money and headache down the road. He caught some things on the inspection that the owners were not aware of. Thank you so much Kevin! I'll be calling you for the next one!

Philita W.

Kevin was amazing! I'm a first time home buyer so he really took his time explaining everything and educating me on how to properly maintain things around the house. I would highly recommend him!!

Kalee E.

Kevin is extremely knowledgeable - has a wide background in construction allowing him to truly understand issues and spot issues others often miss. And a nice guy too!

Paul H.

Contacted Woodard Inspections on 3rd party recommendation. I needed a fast turnaround and Kevin found a way to work me into his book of work in a market that was very busy. Report was nice because it included quite a few photos, and videos. Kevin used a drone to get very good images of the roof in addition to close inspection. Good service overall.

Joer F

Kevin's thorough inspection saved me from making a bad investment in an older home that had lots of issues which were not apparent on the surface. His robot camera in the crawlspace helped determine that there were serious foundation issues which would have cost way beyond my budget to repair. His report was over 60 pages with photos. I walked away from the deal. Thank you for saving me thousands of dollars, Woodard Inspections. I will use you again!

Amy W

I've had the opportunity to get to know Kevin W of Woodard Inspections, listen to the testimonials of his clients, and watch first hand the level of care and details he puts into inspecting a property. If you are buying a home and want to make sure every stone is Kevin and his team.

Dave K

Woodard Inspections provides quality, timely work for home buyers and sellers. He is very thorough in his inspections and detailed in his reports. Knowing what you're getting into when buying a house is extremely important and I would trust him to give me all the information possible to make an informed decision. I'd highly recommend him to anyone who is in the process of buying or selling a home.

Heather L

Woodard Inspections is a great, respectful, professional, highly-experienced and knowledgeable company. They schedule quickly, charge reasonably, and are thorough. They use great technology to assist with their inspections. And to top it off, the owner, Kevin, is a great person.

Brittany S

Kevin is a true professional, his reports are very detailed and easy to understand. I feel Kevin does every inspection as he is inspecting the house as him and his family. Since Kevin has multiple licenses, he is able to offer the complete package to provide high-quality inspections. Being a Realtor, I have used numerous inspectors, Kevin is, by far, head and shoulders above all others.

Capital City Staffing Solutions

Kevin did a very good job catching some things even on a new home. He was great at explaining what he found and I had the inspection report the same day.

David S

Mr. Woodard is incredibly knowledgeable in all areas of home inspection. I felt very comfortable buying my home after he went over it with a fine tooth comb. I also learned a lot in the process!

Cereth Painting

Kevin did my pre listing inspection and found several items that could have been deal killers. They ended up being easy fixes for my husband and saved us thousands by not having to hire a licensed contractor! Very impressed! The report was over 60 pages including videos! I highly recommend Woodard Inspections!

Mel F