Make Sure Your Brand-New Home Is Structurally Sound

Woodard Inspections & Services offers new construction inspection work in the Pickerington, OH area!

If you recently built a home in the Pickerington, Ohio area, you need a new construction inspection before your builder's warranty runs out. Most builders offer a one-year construction warranty, so you need to act fast. Call now if your home is nearing one year old.

Don't let your builder's warranty expire. Call Woodard Inspections & Services, LLC today to schedule a new construction inspection in Pickerington, OH or a nearby area.

Why should you schedule a new home inspection?

Why should you schedule a new home inspection?

We inspect new construction in 3 detailed phases

You need a new home inspection to get the most out of your investment. Call Woodard Inspections & Services, LLC to provide a:

  • Foundation inspection-Make sure your foundation settled without any problems.
  • Pre-drywall inspection-Inspect the drywall for moisture or structural damage.
  • Final walk-through inspection-Evaluate the entire structure after the builder makes necessary adjustments.

Call 614-425-2879 now to get started on your new home inspection near Pickerington, OH.